Krimson Koncierge

Hospitality workforce development initiative

The purpose of this profile is to enable the consortium of Krimson Koncierge, Hospi`tio Consulting & Services and Aldelia Ltd. obtain funding for its objectives in developing the local workforce for the tourism and hospitality sector in Ethiopia. This proposal for the workforce development in tourism and hospitality is named and referred to as Hospitality Workforce Development Initiative / HoWDI.

The consortium operates based on a MoU between the member organizations wherein the factor for the coming together of the members is expected to provide a wide scope of expertise and experience for training and developing workforce, and boosting job creation structures in the country. The consortium of the member organizations, which are partisans of the hospitality and tourism field, is proven strategic and fruitful collaboration that provides a deep insight into the workforce development initiatives and job matching arrangements that are intended.

The consortium’s specific objectives behind devising Hospitality Workforce Development Initiative is oriented towards providing solutions in multiple areas of the industry, of which primary are (1) playing a significant role in solving the imbalance of supply and demand of workforce, (2) being a catalyst to job creation schemes and initiatives, and (3) actively impacting the development of quality service delivery and capabilities in the country.

Owing to the fact that the hospitality and tourism sector is one of top ten fields that are considered the largest contributors to the GDP in Ethiopia, any issue that threatens the positive maturity of the field calls for an immediate resolve.

In Hospitality Workforce Development Initiative, the consortium proposes a pilot program for workforce development through short-term training and consequent apprenticeship in the hospitality and tourism sector. The program is categorized in two terms for each intake group – 1st term of 30 days of theoretical training and 2nd term of 180 days of apprenticeship. At the end of the second term of the training, qualifying trainees are guaranteed permanent employment at the operation center (hotel, museum, tour guide, etc.) where they will have carried out their 2nd term (on-the-job) training.

For the purpose of HoWDI, the primary responsibilities identified for the members of the consortium is as follows:

The consortium believes that slow-paced impacts to the industry will yield active engagement from peers and advocators, wherefore the momentum from the collective of these organizations will positively reflect towards the desired enhancements.

During and after the execution process of this initiative, the consortium and its members will build up capacity as per the reflection of the pilot program to reach and cater to a larger demand in the sector for enhanced job creation.

Member Profiles

Krimson Koncierge

is an Ethiopian based luxury concierge, tour and travel providing organization that strives to deliver premium services to satisfy its clients’ fascination with Ethiopia by defining distinct nuances to deliver authentic, singular experiences. Prior to its formal registration in the Ethiopian business directory, the concierge services that were requested by its mother company, Krimson ACMC’s clients were outsourced to external service providers and tourism and hospitality giants within the country. To cater to clients’ full needs as a one-stop-shop and efficiently allocate resources however, Krimson’s management team, which is an eclectic mix of industry experts with a combined 40+ years of experience, devised the launching of Krimson Koncierge.

Koncierge caters to each client’s needs to ensure expectations are met with exceptional dedication to quality assurance and impeccable customer service. Managing all requests with careful attention to detail, Koncierge delivers tailored travel experiences – from excursions, to accommodation, entertainment, transportation, and airport services.

Koncierge’s aspiration is to play a significant role in the development of the hospitality and tourism industry in Ethiopia through way of workforce development, infrastructure expansion and socio-economic growth.

Hospitio Consulting & Services

is a global consulting firm with offices in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia offering consulting services in aviation, transportation, hospitality, cargo and logistics, travel technology, and tour and cruise. Hospitio specializes in strategic commercial consultingoperations consulting, and has expertise in organizational staffing and development.

​The Hospitio team is an eclectic of consultants with numerous years of experience working in the travel, hospitality and other industries which accounts to the uniquely deep perspective and expertise across the functions Hospitio exhibits.

Hospitio’s ambition is to amplify performance of organizations across the world’s travel ecosystem through designing and delivering winning strategies and solutions that transform travel companies and deliver enhanced profitability, better teams, and improved customer service.

In Ethiopia, Hospitio aims to expand travel and services revenues, serve international and domestic travelers, seed local business and technology capabilities, and power global educational and business partnerships.

Aldelia Global Manpower

Founded in 2005, is currently present and operating in more than 30 countries, across Europe, Middle East, South America, and particularly Africa. Aldelia is a global human resources firm with tailor-made and successful recruitment solutions which are designed to proactively respond to clients’ needs at all levels.

Aldelia provides contract recruitment (outsourcing) management services, permanent recruitment management services, global mobility solutions to ensure effective and timely payroll and compliance processes, contract transition management services, recruitment campaign organizing and delivering services, and market analysis and consulting services.

Aldelia’s mission is to nurture the talent of local candidates in Africa, improving their visibility and employability and guaranteeing clients access to the highest quality workforce on an international platform.

Areeba Jobs is Aldelia’s jobs matching platform aimed at facilitating the job search by matching the applicants with the role corresponding to their experience and capabilities. Areeba Jobs targets a percentage of unemployed youth, unemployed people and total labor force of Ethiopia to provide its winning solutions.